It has been a while since I have written anything here. I was busy making a rewarding number of leather projects for custom orders, and allowing myself the luxury of making some new things, just because I wanted to. The picture accompanying this entry is one such piece.  It was just fun to make! It's for sale, for sure, but it exists primairly because it was fun to make. A few little events have slowed things down, though, hence the time for repair.

Today, I am taking it easy, waiting for the medical equipment company to deliver a neck brace I'm supposed to wear while my recent (last week!) spine surgery starts to heal. It gives me time to do some photos and to maybe straighten up the shop a little.  (Yeah, right.)  The spine surgery came a month after my cataract surgery, which was a month after my first cataract surgery, which explains why OGLW's productivity has been down a little, of late.  Everything is coming together, now, and I expect to be back to full capability within a couple of weeks.  

I just have one question, since the eye surgery. Now that I own five pairs of reading glasses, why can I never find any but the pair missing the one nose pad? And when I do find the other ones, they have all managed to wind up on the same work bench. What's up with that?