November 9, 2018... after dinner

Hello, and welcome to my blog!  In addition to being a designer, artist, craftsman, and web designer, now I seem to have to be a writer. I'm okay with that. I write dozens of things in my head while I'm driving. Most are along the lines of, "Dear Pensacola- why are you trying to kill me again, today?" Sometimes, it's,"Dear [fill in your favorite radio host], I wish I could tell you how far off you are on that  one, but I'm driving, and I don't text and drive."  

I actually have strong opinions, both social and political, but nobody came here to read that stuff, so I'll keep them to myself. Better writers than I am make fortunes sharing their strong opinions with the public, but I'm pretty sure none of them can take a piece of former cow and turn it into a useful artifact that is worth clicking on the "BUY" button.  So, let's talk about that.

Upcoming Posts: 

  • General leather concepts - I'll share some information about different types of leather, techniques, and other materials used in leather crafting.
  • Some specific techniques
  • How I almost got killed on the way home, this time.
  • How to make a cell phone holster. I am making a custom holster for Jeff and documenting it along the way.  I will soon feature the process here.
  • What's wrong with  - gripe of the day.
  • Anything you'd like! - Drop me a line and let me know what you would like to see here. Please keep it at least somewhat leather-related.