Holster Maker Moves to Florida From the Arizona High Desert - Becomes Artistic Along the Way

I enjoy working with leather and am trying to gradually work my way into it, full time. My Etsy web page is acknowledgement that I need to be more proactive with my sales efforts.

I have been working with leather off and on since I lived in Alaska in the early 80s. A few years ago, I found myself with a lot of time on my hands, living in a state where 500,000 concealed carry permits had been issued (Arizona). I figured a lot of those people would be needing holsters better than the cheap nylon one they bought with the gun. I started researching what makes a good holster, and learning to make ones that fit the owner, not just the gun. Check my offerings for standard, or exotic leather holsters.

Funny thing is that people started asking me if I could make other things, such as cell phone cases, belts, knife sheaths and dog collars. I have started making more and more non-holster items to the point that I think only about 30% of my work is now holsters. Check out my watch straps and antique steamer trunk handles.  Who knew?

I work a regular 40-hour job, for now, as I build up my leather business.  I put another 20 hours or more into leather work, often at 5 AM or near midnight.  I am hoping to turn that into 50-60 hours of leather working per week as I am able to slowly replace my regular income. It is a long process.  Along the way I am learning about web marketing, SEO, computer graphics, and even G-Code as I learn how to use my new laser engraver. When I first started wrapping leather around guns, I never saw that coming.
I hope you will enjoy my efforts, and feel free to contact me for any leather item you might need custom made. Check out my blog for tips, insights, news and frankly some silliness.


Senior Empty Cow Re-purposing Technician

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